About Us

Nike is a heavyweight in the fashion and sports industry; however you look on the road there will be a Nike Swoosh in sight. The brand was founded as Blue Ribbon Sports in 1964, and it was not until 1971 that the name of Nike was chosen and the Swoosh logo was placed on a coach. From the sale of sneakers from a boot, to operating in more than 160 countries and six continents around the world, Nike has come a long way. Our collection here at kick screw store features a wide range of classic silhouettes, from retro racers such as the Nike Air Max 1 to more recent styles in the form of Nike Zoom


Converse remains a popular sneaker sported by people everyday. With early success on the hardwood court, the company provided sneakers for players. The company has stayed true to their designs throughout the everlasting years. The All Star shoe remains one the most noted of Converse, being a timeless design. Although Converse no longer reigns in the court, it has found its voice in pop culture.

Never ending disputes with his brother was the turning point of Rudolf Dassler’s life. Removing himself from the company they both endeavored at, Dassler started his own company of shoes. Originally named Ruda in the early years, PUMA was birthed supplying sportswear and athletic footwear. Since its release, the company has transcended into one of the most popular athletic brands. Producing athletic and casual footwear, PUMA is beloved obtaining brand loyal customers.

It is not only about faster shoes and fashion statements. Just as a shoe is more than padding and foam, there is more to us than just the product. Everything we do is bound by one simple thought: we strive to help you perform at your best. Your success is our ambition. Your defeat spurs us on to be better.

Our brands complement each other like the skills of an exceptionally gifted decathlete.

Our consumers’ brand love is based on our employees’ extraordinary passion for a sporting lifestyle. With dedication, commitment and team spirit, we continuously innovate to establish new benchmarks in everything we do. Shaping the sporting goods industry sustainably is more than a job. It’s our impulse, an attitude that is truly dear to our hearts. It drives us.

Welcome to kickscrewstore.com. Here we offer the latest and most economical factory filing trainers. Whoever you are and wherever you are, we offer the same price for everyone: the lowest possible. If you are a wholesaler trying to increase revenues, a retailer who refuses to pay high prices in your country, or a customer looking to get hold of the latest products, quickly contact you as soon as possible.cv

Our online outlets cover various areas such as basketball, running, training, walking and so on, and brought authentic, highly sought-after sneakers on the web at a time when the only online options were typically sneaky and unreliable. Over the years, we have established excellent relationships with the best footwear companies and profitable accounts acquired with cutting-edge international brands. This allowed us to collaborate on exclusive projects, as well as offering exclusive items that you will not find anywhere else online.

With huge deck, we possess fast and reliable delivery. Before each shipment, we will check every items we ship to our customers carefully. In order to protect data from unauthorized access, with every purchase we use advanced encryption systems (SSL), technology and for secure data transmission. Trusted certification stores and its associated "money back guarantee" give you the guarantee that you are better protected in stores and trust in our store.

Our promise to You

We guarantee that everything we sell is spanking new.
We sell only genuine products from authorised sources.
We guarantee that items of an intimate nature have not been worn by anyone.
We are passionate about exceptional customer service: fast, friendly and professional.
We pick the best products available to offer you superior quality and outstanding value.


Operating Hours


You can shop on our site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our office opening hours for customer service are 9:00am to 5:00pm, Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.
We aim to respond to your emails and any telephone messages within one working day.

If you have any questions, comments, or just feel like chatting, don't hesitate to contact us. We are not only friendly, but utterly discrete, and will do our best to make sure you have the best shopping experience possible.

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